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Personal Site

Simple, yet sophisticated.

3GB Storage
10.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account
3GB Storage
10.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account

Business Site

Suitable for all businesses.

10GB Storage
20.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account
10GB Storage
20.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account

eCommerce Site

Perfect for online shops.

20GB Storage
30.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account
20GB Storage
30.000 visitors/mo
1 business email account

All plans include

Your site, hassle free

For your new site, just pick a theme and you’re good to go. No need to setup anything, no jargon involved, no more steps required.

Your domain

Your domain is your identity. Each time you sign up for a yearly website builder plan, you get a domain of your choice for free. Already have your own domain? No worries, you can use that one instead.

Access to all themes

MagicPress theme collection includes themes for virtually any kind of need. Each theme is elegantly designed and carefully crafted by professional designers to look good across all devices and screens. Pick the one you like best and don’t worry if you want to change it later. You can do that too.

Daily Backups

Your data is important and we value that you trust us to host it. We take backups on a daily basis and we will instantly restore it if anything goes wrong.

24/7 Customer Support

Always available to lend a hand. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any task. Maybe you need help uploading your new logo or you need help with a more advanced task. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and happy to assist you in anything you need.

Developer Access

While MagicPress is designed to be straight forward to use, we understand that power users and developers may want more control of what WordPress does and how plugins or themes work. We are happy to give you access to files and databases right from our panel.

They trust the magic

Theodoros Orfanidis, CTO

MagicPress is fantastic. Using their service, I got the company blog up and running in no time and the result was phenomenal. When I needed their assistance on a technical issue, their support team responded within a couple of hours. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Tosh Koevoets, CEO Uit de grond

The bottom line for me is the time saving. I approached MagicPress because I needed a reliable online presence for my business, and I needed it fast. Knowing my site is optimized, secure and always up-to-date allows me to focus on creating content.

No need to take our word for it,
a 15-day trial is included!

A platform designed to serve WordPress and here is why

Backup & Instant Restore

Our incremental backup system allows us to take snapshots of each website as regularly as every one hour and keep it for a period of 60 days. Users can download a backup or revert to a previous state at any point.

Auto Failover/Auto Scale

If one server is down or under DDoS attack, there is always another one to take its place, and if a website needs more resources MagicPress will automatically allocate them.

Layered Caching

An array of caching servers is used to cache static files. This means that if a caching server does not contain a resource, it will try to find it on another caching server before attempting to request it from the web server.

File System Layer

MagicPress relies on a custom storage layer to make each file available to many web-servers at the same time. Duplication of data also means that if one server fails, another one will take over.

Database Cluster

WordPress will typically request data saved on a database far more times than it will alter or record data on it. MagicPress takes advantage of this and uses a database cluster in a multi master-slave configuration.

Automatic Updates

We takes care of all updates. Our service will update WordPress core, plugins and themes (provided by MagicPress) as needed. Users may opt-out and perform updates manually via the panel.

WordPress Isolation

Each website is isolated from others on the same server. There is no way for a compromised website to jeopardise another or for a vulnerability to propagate and access other websites’ files.

Google Cloud DNS

MagicPress relies on Google’s Cloud DNS service, a globally distributed DNS platform. This choice singlehandedly increases reliability, given that as much as 74% of all DNS attacks are in fact DDoS attacks.

Malware Scans

We scan each file on a daily basis and in the case malware is detected we inform the respective user by email. To avoid disruption of service we do not delete infected files automatically.


MagicPress uses Apache version 2.4 and the latest PHP series 5.6 or 7. This ensures increased security against newly discovered vulnerabilities without sacrificing speed.

Micro-Service Oriented

Each of the services used by MagicPress is built as a docker image. This is beneficial because restarting a service takes merely a couple of seconds as opposed to a couple of minutes it takes to reboot a physical server.

Application Layer Firewall

Any request to a website hosted on MagicPress is filtered using our own implementation of an Application Layer Firewall. Our software decides if a request is malicious and therefore it must be blocked.

HTTP/2 Support

MagicPress uses nginx server to offer HTTP/2 to every website.

SSL Support

MagicPress has extensive support for SSL.

Developer Tools

Users can get direct access to their files via FTP and the database entries via phpMyAdmin, see and modify the DNS entries, view logs. SSH access is also available in multiple site hosting plans.