First Steps

Logging In

Begin by logging into the administration area of your website. Visit your site’s login page by placing “wp-admin” after your domain name (for example, Use your username and password to log in.



After logging in, you are on the main Administration Screen called the Dashboard. It consists a collection of information about the activities on your WordPress site. The Dashboard is keeping you updated with new and interesting bits of information from various WordPress resources.


On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu. It shows all the administrative functions you can perform. Move your mouse down the list and the sub-menus will “fly out” for you. Once you choose a “parent” navigation section, it will open up to reveal the options within that section. The menu items include the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Posts
  • Media
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Appearance
  • Plugins
  • Users
  • Tools
  • Settings

Your toolbar is at the top of your screen. You can have a look at your new WordPress site simply by clicking on the top left, where the name of your website is.