Main Features


Themes are one of the main features WordPress has. A theme regulates the appearance of your material and provides control over it. Themes can be installed without altering the content of your website, although custom content specifically created for one theme may not operate properly on another.

Essentially, a WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together in producing a graphical interface with an underlying design. Themes may include customized template files, image files, custom pages etc.

MagicPress offers a wide variety of themes. Upon deciding to use our Website Builder, you gain access to our vast repository that contains multiple different themes to choose from.


Plugins are additions that are used to extend the functionality that already exists within WordPress. To its core, WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight. That way it maximizes flexibility and minimizes code bloat. Sometimes though a website requires more than the standard functions WordPress provides. Plugins offer new additions that either enhance the features that are already available or add advanced features. In doing so, each user can tailor their website according to their specific needs.

MagicPress has selected plugins preinstalled for your convenience.

More Information

While we believe this guide will help you with the basics of WordPress, keep in mind that a detailed documentation on every WordPress feature is available in the WordPress Codex.