Setting up your website

Start by creating  the following Posts: Services, Portfolio Items, Team Members and Clients.

Add a Portfolio Item by going to Portfolios > New Portfolio. Enter a title and upload your images. Set one image as a Featured Image. This will be your portfolio cover.

The images will automatically be presented as a lightbox gallery slideshow when clicking on any portfolio image in your website.


Services, Team Members and Clients are created by following the same procedure. All you have to do is add a title, a description and set a featured image for them.

Don’t forget that in your theme you will find over twenty icons available for your services.

Settings Panel

Navigate to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings. The theme comes with detailed explanation of its provided options in the description of each section. Remember that you can disable whichever section you don’t need (e.g. if you don’t want to show any clients you just have to disable that section via the Team Section under the Site Options, etc).

You can also select how many columns you want each section to have. For example, if you have three clients, you should set the number to three columns. If you have eight clients, you should set the number to four columns so that you get two rows of four client logos.

Contact section

You need to install a contact form plug-in. The theme already includes Contact 7. To add another (like Gravity Forms), navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for the plugin you want. Install it and activate it.

You can now create a contact form. Place as many input fields as you wish and then create a new page, by going to Pages > Add New. Name it Contact or something similar.

The only thing you need to place here is the shortcode of the Contact Form you created.


Click Publish. Then navigate back to the CSSIgniter Settings > Contact Section. At the bottom of the list you will find a dropdown, listing all the available pages. Select your Contact page.

Other Settings

The options panel can be found under Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings.

Google options

  • Google Analytics Code: Just copy paste your Google Analytics code exactly as given by the website and you can track your visits.


FeedBurner Options

  • FeedBurner Feed URL: Paste the feed that FeedBurner provides you with and it will be automatically be served to your users.
  • FeedBurner Email URL: Paste the URL FeedBurner provides to register for email updates.


BuySellAds Options

  • Code: Paste the BSA code as given by the website and it will automatically be included on every page. Use the accompanying widget -=CI to display the ads.


Custom CSS

Paste your custom css in the box. It will override the theme’s styles, along with the Background Options.


Additional Information

Useful Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes You can use this shortcode plugin to create a variety of layouts and elements on your website. Instructions can be found here.
  • Socials Ignited Use this plugin to create a widget that links to all your social profiles. You can also customize it with your icons and add new social networks. A guide can be found here.
  • Contact Form 7 Use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in an empty page.

Image Sizes

The recommended image sizes for the Mustache theme are:

  • Portfolio thumbnails: 460×460px
  • Portfolio images on LightBox: 940×340px
  • Client thumbnail: 420×250px
  • Service & Team thumbnails: 940px in width, not limited in height