Setting up your theme

1) Creating theme pages

Due to Mobilee’s nature as a single page template, all you need to do is create a homepage. Go to Pages > Add New. For the page’s title use the name of your application, add any text if necessary and upload your app’s screenshots in the “Application Gallery” section below. You can find more information on the Creating Galleries section below). Once you are done publish the page. Navigate to Settings > Reading and set the page that you  created as your static Front page as displayed on the image below:


2) Adding Features

To add a new feature item go to Feature > New Feature. Set the title, enter relevant information in the content editor and set a featured image. Publish the item. Features will appear below the slider. The layout of the features appearing on the homepage has two options. A featured image on the left with text on the right and text on the left with featured image on the right.

3) Application Options

In CSSIgniter Settings > Application Options you can set the URL to the marketplace on which your application is sold and its price.


4) Slider Options

In CSSIgniter Settings > Slider Options you can choose a preferred mobile platform so the slider device adjusts accordingly.


5) Setting your theme’s color

The theme’s background is default white. To set a color of your choice go to CSSIgniter Settings > Color Options uncheck the Disable custom background box and set your background color in the panel that appears below.


6) Changing Footer text

The theme’s footer features an area for you to enter your copyright information, privacy policy etc. To change the text you need to go to CSSIgniter Settings > Site Options (5th box down). Primary footer text appears on the left side of the footer and secondary on the right.


7) Widgets

The theme features a sidebar named Bottom Sidebar which is located on the footer. You can use any of the default WordPress widgets, or the four custom widgets provided to display additional information.


All widgets can be accessed from Appearance > Widgets. Below each widget you will find a small description explaining their function.

The CSSIgniter settings panel

Last but not least, under Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings, you can find the settings panel. From here you can modify multiple aspects of your theme. You can change your logo, set a custom background, change color scheme or apply custom styles via the custom CSS tab. All options feature a description so that you instantly know their function.

Additional information

Creating Galleries

To create a gallery using the gallery management system follow these steps:

  1. On the Gallery Information panel click the Add Images button.
  2. To upload your images, drag & drop them in the Edit Gallery window that will pop-up, or select Add to Gallery in order to select already uploaded images. Once you are done, click the Update Gallery button on the lower right side.
  3. Your Gallery Information panel will look like this:
  4. You can re-arrange the order of images by drag & drop.
  5. If you wish to remove an image from the gallery, hover your mouse over it and click the X as shown below.
  6. By checking the Randomize order box your gallery images will appear in a random order that will change on every page refresh.
  7. When you are done, publish the gallery item. If you need to add images after your gallery is created,  simply repeat the steps stated above.

Image Sizes

The recommended minimum image sizes for Mobilee are:

  • Slider (desktop view): 348×615px
  • Slider (mobile view): 768×400px
  • Featured images: 780×565px