Theme settings

Go to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings and you will the settings panel. As you can see there are seven tabs available:

  • Site Options
  • Color Options
  • Display Options
  • Google Options
  • Feedburner Options
  • Archive Options
  • Custom CSS

Site Options

In this section you can upload your image logo if you have one. If you want a text logo and slogan go to Settings > General and edit the Site Title and Tagline options. In the site options you can also manage your favicons for various devices.


Color Options

In this section you can change the look of your header and footer. Color, background, all at your disposal.


Display Options

You have three main options in this section. The first lets you choose what kind of content you want to display in the listing pages (index, category, archive etc). You can select to display the content or the excerpt, define the excerpt’s length and the read more text. The second option let’s you decide how you will be handling your website’s titles. The option Automatic titles goes through a long list of popular SEO plug-ins and acts accordingly.

There’s also an option to disable comments on pages and an option to hide the Comments disabled label from posts with disabled comments.


Google Options

Copy-paste your Google Analytics code in here (including the <script> and </script> tags).


Feedburner Options

If you are using Feedburner for your feed, this is the place to copy-paste your Feedburner URL.


Archive Options

This tab lets you manage the Archive page. You can select how many posts to display and toggle the visibility of the yearly, monthly and weekly archives.


Custom CSS

For those familiar with CSS we have included this tab so that you don’t have to open and edit the main CSS stylesheet. Any styles you enter here will override the ones found on style.css.


Adding new posts

Start adding your content simply by adding information to the respective boxes.
add-new-postOne thing to note is that under the main content editor there’s an option that lets you display a featured video at the top of each post instead of a featured image. Just copy-paste the URL of the video that you want to display. Make sure it’s coming from a supported provider.