Setting up the homepage

Three differente versions of the homepage are included in IndiGamer.

In order to create the custom homepage all you have to do is go to Pages > Add new page and create a new page. Then from the Page Attributes box on the right, select one of the three available homepage templates from the template dropdown menu. Then go to Settings > Reading and select the page you just created as a “Front page”. In the same manner create your “news” section. Just create a simple page without any template assigned and then in the Settings > Reading section just assign this page as your “Posts page”.

The homepage has the following sections. Some of them are global throughout the site.

1. Navigation (Global)

In order to setup your navigation go to Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu, add your menu items and then in the box on the left called “Theme locations” select your menu you just created.


2. Slider

In the current version of IndiGamer you can display reviews in the slider. In order to do that, while you create a new review, at the very bottom of the edit review screen, you will find a checkbox which says “Add this review to the home page slider”. Please refer to the section “Add new review” on how to add a new review.


When you add new items in the slider you will notice that when you add your first review, the thumbnail below will act weird. Don’t worry about that, once you add more items to the slider, this little issue will go away.

3. Reviews area

In this area your latest reviews will appear.

4. News

In this area you latest news (posts) will appear.

5. Widgets area

As you can see there is a widgetized area on the right on the homepage. In there you can insert all the available widgets + our custom ones.


6. Footer (Global)

This area is also widgetized so you can drag and drop the widgets that you want to appear in this section.

Add a review

Adding a review is almost exactly the same as adding a new post. Go to Reviews > New review item and enter the title and the content of the review. Also we have created a custom taxonomy called “Genres” that you will find on the right where you can create the categories for your reviews.

Now under the main editor there are some custom fields. The good / The bad textareas. In these areas you can write what you found good or bad about the game that you are reviewing. Then we have 3 fields for your review scores. Gameplay, Graphics and Music. You enter your score in a scale of 1 – 10. You don’t have to enter all 3 of them, only the ones that you need. We have created a routine that takes these values, calculates the average score and displays it on your site.

Then there’s a checkbox which let’s you choose if you want this specific review to be displayed on the homepage slider. Featured images are handled by the default WordPress “Featured Image” module.


Add a news / blog article

Just use the default posts section that WordPress provides for this reason.

Widget areas

We have created unique widgetized areas for better control.

  • Homepage widgets area
  • Reviews widgets area
  • Blog widgets area
  • Pages widgets area
  • Footer widgets area
  • Social links on top right area


That way you can display the widgets that you just need in every section.

Custom Options Panel

Let’s have a look at our custom options panel located in Appearance CSSIgniter Settings

1. Site options

In this section you can specify a text or graphic logo for your site.


2. Homepage options

a. Number of reviews on the slider
Enter the number of the review articles that you want to appear in the homepage slider. For better results use a number higher than 5.

b. Reviews section title
Enter the title for the reviews section on the homepage

c. Reviews section subtitle
Enter the subtitle for the reviews section on the homepage

d. Number of latest reviews on homepage
Enter the number of the review articles that you want to appear in this section

e. Posts section title
Enter the title for the posts section on the homepage

f. Posts section subtitle
Enter the subtitle for the posts section on the homepage

g. Number of latest posts on homepage
Enter the number of the posts articles that you want to appear in this section


3. Color options

a. Disable custom background
Just uncheck the checkbox and you will find all these options that you need to setup a custom background color or image.


4. Display options

a. Use the content / excerpt
Select the type of content that will be displayed in the listing pages

b. Read more text

c. Excerpt length (in words) & Excerpt auto cut-off text
Enter the number of words that you want to be displayed in the listing pages when the “Use the Excerpt” option above is active. For best results with IndiGamer use a number between 20 – 30 words

d. Title Seperator
This is the character that will separate your site’s name from the article title in the browser’s title section

e. Show “Comments are closed” message
Check this option if you want to display this message on posts/pages where comments are disabled.

f. Show featured images on posts / pages
Check this option (default is on) to display featured images in the article’s page.

g. Show Breadcrumbs
As you can see for example here there’s a breadcrumb available. Check this option if you want it to be displayed but remember that you have to install this plugin

h. Select the template for the reviews archive template.
Just select the template for your reviews listing pages.


5. Twitter options

Use this section to allow Twitter capabilities to your website.


6. Google options

Copy paste the code for your Google Analytics. Make sure you copy / paste the whole snippet and not just your Google Analytics ID.


7. Feedburner options

If you are using Feedburner options to handle your RSS feeds this is the place where you can feed and email URLS.


8. BuySellAds options

In this area, if you want to display ads from the BSA network, just enter their snippet of code that can found in your BSA account.


9. Custom CSS

In this area you can add your CSS styles. We recommend not to edit the original CSS files and use this area for your edits.


Useful Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes you can use our custom made shortcode plugin to help you create a variety of layouts and elements on your site. Instructions can be found here.
  • Socials Ignited use this plugin to create a widget that links to all your social profiles. You can also customize it with your icons and add new social networks, a guide can be found here.
  • Contact Form 7 use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in the contact page you created earlier.

Image Sizes

  • Homepage slider: 940×380px
  • Review listing thumbs: 460×350px
  • Blog featured images: 640×340px
  • Blog fullwidth featured images: 940×360px