Configuring your theme

IgnitionConf is a single page theme. Meaning that there is no blog functionality or inner pages. It consists the following areas:

  • Header area – Where your logo and main navigation of your website appears.
  • Slider area – Where the posts from the post Sliders appear.
  • About area – Where you can place the content of any designated page.
  • Speakers area – Where the posts from the post Speakers appear.
  • Schedule area – Where the posts from the post Speakers appear, if you’ve selected them to.
  • Sponsors area – Where the posts from the post Sponsors appear.
  • Contact area – Where you can show the content of any page (e.g. a page with a contact form) plus a map and widgets.

Global section information

You can disable or enable any section by going to Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings and then to the tab of the respective section (e.g. “Contact Options”). Also, you can set your section titles independently. Note that the menu is created by the theme, depending on whether you hide or show each section.

Slider section

The slider section has posts from the Sliders post. In order to create a slideshow you have to add at least 2 Sliders and fill them with the appropriate info such as the main big title (which is taken by the Slider default title at the top of the post), super-titles, and subtitles, which are provided by the theme as custom fields. In order to accompany your slider item with images, you must set a featured image. The recommended size for the featured images is 1920×600 pixels.


About Section

The About Section gets populated by the content of any page you select in Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings > About Options. You can place anything you want, mainly text and images.


Speakers Section

The Speakers Section takes its content from the Speakers post. Simply add new Speakers and assign them featured images. The name of the Speaker should be set as its title and the description that pops up in the tooltip once the speaker is clicked is the main post’s content. Again, you can place whatever content you want as a description.


Schedule Section

You can create a timeline or a schedule for your event/conference by inserting details in the Speaker Presentation Details section of the Speaker’s post edit screen. Fill out the appropriate info and then click the Show this speaker on the Schedule. The image and name of the speaker will be taken from the featured image and title of the post.

Sponsors Section

You can also create a Sponsors Section by adding posts in the Sponsors custom post type. Only the featured image will be shown and you can select an external URL for the sponsor logo to point to.


Contact Section

If you wish to show a contact form in your website, first you need to install a contact form plug-in. The theme is designed to behave with both the Contact 7 and the Gravity Forms plug-ins. Navigate to Plugins > Add New, and search for either of the above plug-ins. Install one and activate it.

As soon as you activate your desired Contact Form plugin you should then create a contact form; place as many input fields as you wish and then create a new page (Pages > Add New) name it Contact or something similar.

The only thing you need to place there is the shortcode of the Contact Form you created by using one of the aforementioned plugins.

Click Publish, and navigate back to the CSSIgniter Settings > Contact Options. At the bottom of the list you will find a dropdown, listing all the available pages on your WordPress installation. Select your Contact page and you are all set.


In order to create your map, please follow the detailed instructions that we have placed in the Contact Options under the Map section.

Additional Information

Useful Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes You can use our custom made shortcode plugin to help you create a variety of layouts and elements on your site. Instructions can be found here.
  • Socials Ignited Use this plugin to create a widget that links to all your social profiles. You can also customize it with your icons and add new social networks. A guide can be found here.
  • Contact Form 7 Use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in an empty page.

Image Sizes

The recommended image sizes for the IgnitionConf theme are:

  • General thumbnail size: 460×460px