Setting up your theme

Dolce is a Magazine / Blog theme, where you can host your news, blog posts, videos, thoughts and galleries. It is a good idea to start by adding some dummy posts to get a draft on how the theme works.

Dolce supports three types of general content out of the box: Standard Posts, Gallery Posts and Video Posts.

Standard Posts

This works exactly as every other WordPress website around without any options. You just have to make sure to set a Featured Image by clicking on the Set Featured Image link in your post screen, under the Publish options.

Once you have your title, image, content and categories ready, you can hit the Publish button and your post will appear in your home page.


Gallery Posts

Dolce comes with a pre-configured lightbox (prettyPhoto.js) for your gallery viewings. To make a Gallery Post, all you need to do is click on the “Gallery” post format on the right of your edit screen and add content as usual. Then, it’s important to add 2 or more images via the standard WordPress uploader. No further action is needed, just hit Publish and you are set.


Video Posts

Just like the Gallery posts, you can assign the Video Format status to a post of your liking, by simply selecting the Video option from the Post Formats radio buttons on your right.


The only thing left is to paste the URL of the video you wish to embed (full URL, including the http://).

The supported video websites are:

  • YouTube (only public videos and playlists – “unlisted” and “private” videos will not embed)
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Flickr (both videos and images)
  • Viddler
  • Hulu
  • Qik
  • Revision3
  • Scribd
  • Photobucket
  • PollDaddy
  • (only VideoPress-type videos for the time being)
  • SmugMug
  • Twitter

Author Module

Dolce also comes with an Author Module. The author module will display 3 things:

The author description
The author gravatar, if applicable
The author’s facebook and twitter, if applicable

To edit this information, navigate to Users > Profile.

Note that the Author Module can be disabled in the CSSIgniter Settings Panel

Related Posts Module

The related posts module works automatically, compares posts with their categories, and can also be disabled in the CSSIgniter Settings Panel.

Homepage setup

Dolce comes with six (6) different homepage templates. In order to use one, you need to create a new page (via Pages > Add New and give it a title (e.g. “Home”). Then assign a Front Page template by using the Page Templates dropdown on your right (in the Publish post area).


Theme Settings

Our custom options panel can be found under Appearance > CSSIgniter Settings. Let’s have a look at each tab’s options:

Site Options

From this tab you can set your site’s properties.

  • Logo text: Textual logo – site title
  • Upload your logo: Allows you to upload a logo image. You need to upload it to the correct size. Logo text is used as alternative logo description.
  • Upload your favicon: Uploads and registers a favicon. It must be already in .ico format.


Color Options

Within the color options tab you can pick a color scheme for your site. You can also override the template’s background settings and set yours as needed. If don’t want that, just keep this tab disabled by checking the checkbox “Disable custom background”.


Display Options

Various options that affect what your website displays.

  • Slider: Allows you to change the behavior of the front page slider.
  • Read More text: What will be displayed instead of the default Read More…
  • Excerpt length (in words): Limits how many words the excerpt will be, and whether it should be linked to the post.
  • Excerpt auto cut-off text: When a manual excerpt is not provided, WordPress generates one automatically from your post’s content, limiting the words according to the setting above. Because that may be mid-paragraph, the cut-off text is appended at the end to show that the text continues.
  • Title separator: How the various elements of thetag will be separated (dash, pipe, colon, etc)
  • Show “Comments are closed” message: Allows you to hide/show the default “Comments are closed” message when comments are disabled.


Twitter Options

These options enable Twitter capabilities for your site.


Google options

  • Google Analytics Code: Just copy paste your Google Analytics code exactly as given by their website, and you are all set for tracking visits.


FeedBurner Options

  • FeedBurner Feed URL: Paste the feed that FeedBurner provides you with, and it will be automatically be server to your users.
  • FeedBurner Email URL: Paste the URL FeedBurner provides for registering to email updates.


BuySellAds Options

  • Code: Paste the BSA code as given by their website and it will be automatically included on every page. Use our accompanying widget -=CI to display the ads.


Custom CSS

Paste your custom CSS in the box, and it will override the theme’s styles, along with the Background Options.


Additional Information

Useful Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes you can use our custom made shortcode plugin to help you create a variety of layouts and elements on your site. Instructions can be found here.
  • Socials Ignited use this plugin to create a widget that links to all your social profiles. You can also customize it with your icons and add new social networks, a guide can be found here.
  • Contact Form 7 use this plugin to create a contact form, then copy the shortcode it gives you and paste it in an empty page.

Image Sizes

The recommended image sizes for the Dolce theme are:

  • General thumbnail size: 620×350px
  • Slider: 940×550px