Getting started

A WordPress website essentially consists of your files and database. Assuming you are keeping the same domain name and URLs during migration, all you need to do is transfer the files and database from your previous host to MagicPress.

You can download the files of your website manually, or a backup may be provided by your previous host. Likewise, the host may provide a database backup (or you may export one yourself), normally in a .sql file.


In this example we will be using FileZilla, a free FTP application available for Windows, macOS and Linux, to connect to the MagicPress server using FTPES.

  1. Connect to your MagicPress site via FTP so you can upload the files. Once connected, you will notice that a WordPress installation is already in place. The current files will need to be replaced with the ones of your website.
  2. Make sure you change the permissions of the current files so they are writable.
  3. Remove all files of the current WordPress installation, EXCEPT the following:
    • /.htaccess (configuration for site access issues)
    • /db-config.php (additional database configuration)
    • /wp-config.php (additional settings, specific to our configuration)
    • /wp-content/db.php (HyperDB class, which enables access to multiple database servers)

    The above files are necessary for the MagicPress configuration.

  4. wp-config.php will most likely need to be edited, to match the database prefix used in your WordPress installation. You can edit the file by right clicking it, then select View/Edit.filezilla-edit-wp-config

    Just replace the value of the variable $table_prefix.

  5. Proceed by uploading the files of your website. Make sure you do not replace the files above.
  6. When the upload process is complete, change the permissions accordingly.


  1. Provided that you have a backup of your database from your previous host, access the database of your MagicPress site using phpMyAdmin.
  2. Click the database name on the left, select all tables, choose Drop from the dropdown menu and confirm.phpmyadmin-database-drop-tablesA few moments later, the database should be empty.
  3. Now it’s time to upload the database backup of your website. Click Import on the top menu, click the Choose file button, select the .sql file on your computer, then click the Go button below.phpmyadmin-database-importDepending on the size of your database, this import process may take some time so please be patient. phpMyAdmin will inform you that “Import has been successfully finished” in the end.


After having transferred the files and database of your website to MagicPress, you will need to change your DNS records accordingly. Don’t forget to configure DNS for your domain name too. We provide guides on how to do that on a few popular domain name registrars. The process should be similar in your own registrar.

You can view and work on your website even before the DNS propagation is complete, by editing the hosts file on your computer.