How to use the hosts file

This is particularly useful when you wish to see how a website will look when hosted on a different server without having to wait for a DNS change to propagate, or avoiding any DNS changes at all. How to open the hosts file Depending on the operating system you are using, the hosts file location […]

How to change file and directory permissions via FTP

Introduction to file and directory permissions In this example we will be using FileZilla, a free FTP application available for Windows, macOS and Linux, to connect to the MagicPress server using FTPES. After having connected to your MagicPress site via FTP, notice the current file and directory permissions. The notation consists of three digits, each […]

How to migrate your WordPress website to MagicPress

Getting started A WordPress website essentially consists of your files and database. Assuming you are keeping the same domain name and URLs during migration, all you need to do is transfer the files and database from your previous host to MagicPress. You can download the files of your website manually, or a backup may be […]

How to edit the DNS Records of your MagicPress site

Connecting to your DNS Records Assuming that you are already logged in to your MagicPress account, click the PANEL button on the up-right side of your screen.  Press MORE OPTIONS. Choose DNS. A window will pop containing the all the options you have regarding your DNS records. You can press ADD RECORD if you wish to add […]


Accessing your Backups Assuming that you are already signed-in on your MagicPress account, click the PANEL button on the up-right corner of your page. Your MagicPress panel will appear. Press the BACKUP  button. It will take you to your backup calendar where you can see the date and time your backup was performed. If you want to […]

How to access the database of your MagicPress site using phpMyAdmin

Connecting to your phpMyAdmin panel Assuming that you are already logged in to your MagicPress account, click the PANEL button on the up-right corner of your page. On your MagicPress panel you have all the options available for your website. Choose PHPMYADMIN. By doing so, a pop-up window will be produced. Press the OFF button […]

Emulating DNS change

The hosts file is a plain text file used by an operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses. In modern operating systems, the contents of the hosts file is used preferentially to other name resolution methods, such as the Domain Name System (DNS).

How to connect to the MagicPress server using FTPES

FTPES stands for Explicit File Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL. It is an extension to the commonly used File Transfer Protocol that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols.