The ultimate WordPress
cloud platform

Fast servers, top level security plus unique WordPress themes are only few of the MagicPress traits that make building & hosting your website piece of cake.

Designed to serve WordPress

MagicPress is a supreme fusion of WordPress and managed hosting. In choosing our Managed Hosting service plan, apart from having a place on our fast servers, much needed operations such as system maintenance, updates, and security scans are automatically done for you. Alternatively, if you also wish to obtain a WordPress Theme, you can choose our MagicPress Website Builder plan. That way you can start creating your website instantaneously without worrying about setup and enjoy our superior managed hosting at the same time.

Host your WordPress sites

1 click installation, upload your data and you're done!

Starting at
€ 10/mo

Build your WordPress site

For your new site, just pick a theme and you're good to go. No need to setup anything, no jargon involved, no more steps required.

Starting at
€ 13/mo